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‘Til next time, A-hole

We all know some A-holes.  Whether we encounter them at work or in our families or in social situations, we can’t avoid them. Their impact on our lives is greater than it should be. But many of the A-holes have mastered the art of getting under our skin.

So you wander into the room, unsuspecting.  Before long they are spewing their venom or dishing out micro-aggressions.  Or declining to engage, when it’s their turn to say something kind or agreeable; or to at least acknowledge your thoughts or your presence.

There are all dozens of ways to be an A-hole.

And then you remember, oh yeah, this guy.  Doing what he does.  You walked in without any agenda or ill will or hostility.  Because you don’t operate that way. But the A-hole walked in ready to spew and slash and afflict himself on whoever is available; or sometimes specifically on you.

You are a retriever puppy alongside a rabid rottweiler.

I encountered one of my ongoing A-holes very recently.  I got through it.  Later, I thought of things I should have said.  But do I really care?  Maybe next time.

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