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Sorry Seth, not today

The almost daily section of this site is attributable, in a big way, to Seth Godin.  And if you don’t know who that is, you should google him. Seth is a marketing guru with about 20 books out. More importantly, he is a fountain of brilliant thought about life as it relates to business.

Seth is the inspiration behind this blog because he has said, everyone should write and publish a daily blog. Or everyone, I guess, who wants to distribute their art (defined loosely) and get ahead in business and in life.  (Which is not exactly everyone.)

Unlike Seth, I am not a constant stream of enlightenment and encouragement.  Some days, frankly, I am not feeling it.  (Maybe he’d say the same, but it doesn’t seem to hamper his production.)

But I figure, you crawl before you walk. If you’re not feeling it, you still step up to the mic and say so.  Same something!  If I’m not feeling inspired sometimes, say that.

And maybe that is my role:  To announce my ambivalence.  Put it in writing.  Maybe it will help someone with similar misgivings.  Maybe it will help to think, what a shmuck, and feel better about themselves.

Maybe you just need to have faith and trust the process.

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