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Prioritize, Don’t Procrastinate

It is easy to accuse yourself, or someone else, of procrastination.  Sometimes I feel like the world champion procrastinator, with projects and priorities that have been put off for months or years.

I mean not to pile another flaw—i.e., denial—on top of that one.  Maybe I procrastinate.  Simple as that.  Guilty as charged.

But a complicating factor is this:  Maybe my list of to-do list is impossibly long.  Maybe there are too many projects and priorities to address, even in a thousand years.

If so, then inevitably, actions will be delayed.  Even if you’re brilliantly diligent and attentive to certain tasks, others will slip through the cracks.

Are you then a procrastinator?  Is that the root of the problem?

I’m thinking maybe not.  A failure to prioritize can look very much like procrastination.

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