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Climate Change and Me

On occasions in the past, I concocted a very ambitious plan.  I would investigate whether human caused climate change is a real thing.

Because, first of all…think about it.  We are inundated with evidence of brutal, destructive conditions.   Floods, blizzards, hurricanes, heat waves.  A month doesn’t go by without news of some disastrous, deadly weather somewhere in the world.

But that’s weather.  Climate is a different thing.  Don’t expect a scientist’s explanation here.  But I’d say climate is a broad, long-term system, or set of systems, creating worldwide weather patterns.

Is the climate changing significantly?  That is a big enough question—and I feel potentially a magnet for derision and hate mail.   And secondly, is climate change caused by humans, thru the burning of fossil fuels and such?  How do we get a handle on that?

Virtually everything you and I know about climate change comes to us though mass media.  Whether it’s social media or popular conventional media…it is all essentially second-hand info. In fact, it is third or fourth or fifth hand, relayed along through channels of people with no more real knowledge than you or I.

Do I plan to go out and do my own scientific research, measuring wind velocities in the middle of the ocean?  Honestly, obviously, no.

But what I can do, I figure, is organize my own reading on the subject.  First find the best books or online sources.  Those that seem to be unbiased and not sensational.  And at least some that are skeptical on the popular narrative.

Some years ago, there was news of a young girl, maybe 12 years old, who took on the climate change issue.  She did her own reading and research and concluded that climate change wasn’t a real thing.

I don’t know what ever happened to her.  Maybe she’s been censored by Google and Facebook.  In any case, if a 12-year-old can do her own thinking, then so can I.

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