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How to Compete with the Kids: Imagination

I paid the $15 fee to enter the banjo contest at this year’s RockyGrass festival. Couple of explainers: RockyGrass is one of the nation’s top bluegrass festivals, held annually in July in Lyons, Colorado, just outside of Denver. Many festivals hold contests for individual instrumentalists, and for entire bands, shortly before the main acts take …

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Catering to the Crocodile

In the book “Pitch Anything,” author Oren Klaff talks about the “crocodile brain.”  That’s his label for the unevolved way in which people react to sales pitches. It’s a defensive posture.  Typically, people will: Ignore you if possible. Focus on the big picture. Which should be presented with well differentiated, “high contrast” options. Respond emotionally.  …

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