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Admit it: Sometimes the Journey Sucks

I wonder if other entrepreneurs face the same sort of self-doubt that I’m experiencing right now, as I sit here pondering my own insignificance.

And having just written those words, I feel a tinge of shame or regret.  Like, don’t belittle yourself.  Think of your accomplishments.

But just for a moment here, I will eschew any cheerleading and go with my first instinct.  That is, to ponder my insignificance.

I am struggling with several issues at once, including this one:

Four weeks ago, I signed a lease agreement with someone I’m calling the Tenant From Hhell (TFH). It was after showing a then-vacant apartment to several good, prospective tenants.

All of them declined. I was tired of driving across town to show the place.  Then the TFH came along and in a moment of poor judgment, I let her in.

The transgressions began immediately.  Tons of new trash in the alley.  Violent-sounding arguments at all hours, loud enough to disturb other tenants.  I visited the property once to service the furnace, after multiple texts previewing my arrival.

The door was answered by a thug who looked like an escaped prison convict.  He cussed me out for entering without sufficient notice.  TFH was asleep in bed.  It was 10 am.

Her very first full-month’s rent was three weeks late, with half of it finally coming from a charity organization.  She has voiced some obvious lies to me and some apparent ones.

Another challenge is a listing that won’t sell.   It’s my own property—a flip project with a partner and an exceptionally good value.  But it’s been subject to several misfortunes too complicated to explain here.

This year I hired a new tax account, and two years of shit service from my previous one.  He talked a good game, then stalled around for four months.  Finally he returned a phone call, and said he couldn’t complete my tax returns at all—he’d been sick.

All of which seems like small time stuff, as I witness the work of other local real estate professionals accomplishing great things.

I have no words of wisdom. It just sucks sometimes.  All you can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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